The triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) is a surgery that has been developed to correct hip dysplasia. The technique has been refined significantly since its first use almost 20 years ago by Dr. Barclay Slocum. Dr. Katcherian was the first doctor in California to bring Dr. Slocum’s advanced technique and angled plate to use in this surgery, and has been refining this procedure for 17 years.

This surgery is used in large breed dogs usually under one year of age. Candidates for this surgery can only have mild hip dysplasia and no signs of secondary arthritis. During the procedure the pelvis is cut and rotated slightly so that the head of the femur has a tighter fit into the socket. It also changes the location of weight bearing on the head of the femur. Since the pelvis is cut in 3 locations, one of the sections needs to be stabilized with bone plates. The long term goal is to give a young dog pain free movement of its hip joints and prevent arthritis from developing.

The following page shows graphic surgical procedures of a T.P.O. surgery performed at Back Bay Animal Hospital by Dr. Katcherian.

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